WizLux Twilight switch with Lux learning and Holiday guard functions, IP54 rated

with Lux learning and Holiday guard functions, IP54 rated


CDS-35A is a twilight switch integrated with LUX and time controls, and it is IP54 rated which is suitable for outdoor use in front porches, entrances, courtyards, public streets, parking lots, etc. for automatically siwtching on/off lights (or HVAC device).
  • Lux learning function is designed for reading in ambient Lux value as the threshold value for setting convenience.
  • A red LED is designed as an indicator to specify changing the Lux setting value, Test and Holiday mode.
  • The Holiday working mode provides the presence simulation when you are away from home for long vacation to protect your properity.
  • Voltage free contact design for flexiable connection with load. 
  • Free installation for wall mount, fixing on the pole with binding strip, or corner installation, especially in humidity circumstances as the rating of IP54.
  • Rated Voltage: 230VAC ±10%,  50 / 60Hz
  • Load:
    • For lighting:
      • Incandescent lamp: max. 2000W
      • Fluorescent lamp : max. 900VA / 100uF
      • AC Halogen lamp : max. 1000W
      • LV halogen lamp : max. 1000VA
      • LED lamp: max. 400W
    • For HVAC (potential free contact):
      • Max. 5A (cosφ=1), 250Vac or 30Vdc
      • Max. 1 / 10HP (approx. 73W)
  • Lux Adjustment: Adjustable from approx. 5Lux to 500Lux
  • Time Setting: 1h/2h/4h/6h/8h/infinity
  • Operation mode: Auto/Holiday
  • On/Off delay time: approx. 60sec
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to +50°C
  • Environmental Protection: IP54



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