MINI Presence detector for KNX home and building control system

This is a MINI type Presence Detector integrated PIR motion detector and light level detector, solely designed for incorporating to the KNX Home and Building Control System to be applied in lighting & HVAC control to achieve energy saving. 


  • For use in KNX (EIB), TP (Twisted Pair) bus system in conjunction with other KNX device
  • Extremely flat surface and in mini housing design with spring clamp for easy and quick installation.   
  • Multiple channels provided for controlling more KNX devices simultaneously.
  • Control parameters (Lux, Time, STBY, STBY%) of detector can be set by IR remote control for easy and quick settings.
  • The ambient Lux value can be learned as the threshold to provide flexible setting convenience.
  • A red LED is equipped as an indicator for test triggering and IR setting and a green LED is for indicating ETS installation.
    However, the LED function can be disabled by ETS.
  • This presence detector provides multi - functions of PIR movement detector and light level detector.
  • Rated Voltage: 21 - 30VDC (supplied from KNX system or externally)
  • Standby Current:  Approx. 10mA                                           
  • Detection Range: 360°, approx. Φ8m at installation height of 2.5m 
  • Control parameters can be done either by IR remote control or ETS5.0
  • 5 control outputs: Lighting x2 + HVAC x2 + Alarm x1
  • Operating Temperature   : -20°C to +50°C
  • Environmental Protection: IP44




KNX Certificate

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