New generation Wall switch presence detector with Acoustic sensor

It is an elegant wall switch presence detector utilizing both the passive infrared (PIR) motion detecting technology and the acoustic sensor technology to be applied in lighting automation control.   This presence detector can be used to simply replace existing wall switch either 2-gang or more as well as 2-way switches.
It is ideal for both residential and commercial buildings application in parlor, corridor, stairway, storage basement and garage, etc. to benefit the lighting automation control without expensive cost.


  • The stylish ultra flat cosmetic design of integrating lens with front housing and invisible knobs for restricting the liberty of unauthorized operation.
  • Integrated with an acoustic sensor to enhance the performance of presence detector.
  • Superior lens pattern and well distributed as well as concentrated detecting beams provide high sensitivity. 
  • Excepting the provided Lux values, the ambient light level can be read-in as the Lux value for more flexible application.
  • Three practical operation modes (Manual ON / AUTO / Manual OFF) available for user's flexible applications.  
  • The connected lighting can be manually switched on/off by connecting a pushbutton switch to the detector.
  • The decorative frame of 50mm x 50mm fits most European standard wall switches.

  • Rated Voltage: 220-240V~ 50 / 60Hz
  • Load:
    • Incandescent Lamp: max. 2000W
    • AC Halogen Lamp: max. 1000W
    • LV Halogen Lamp:
      • max. 1000VA / 600W (traditional)
      • max. 1000VA / 900W (electronic)
    • Fluorescent Lamp:
      • max. 900VA / 100uF
      • 25 x (1 x 18W); 12 x (2 x 18W)
      • 15 x (1 x 36W); 7 x (2 x 36W)
      • 10 x (1 x 58W); 5 x (2 x 58W)
    • LED Lamp: max. 500VA / 400W 
    • Energy Saving Lamp: max. 600VA / 400W (include CFL & PL lamp)   
  • Power consumption:  Approx. 0.5W
  • Detection Range: 180°, up to 8m forward & 6m each sideward at height of 1.2m
  • Lux Adjustment: Adjustable from approx. 10Lux to “∞“  and Lux learning range: 10Lux - 2000Lux
  • Auto Off Time Adjustment: Adjustable from approx. 10sec to 30min and test & short impulse (1sec)
  • Operation Mode: Manual ON / AUTO / Manual OFF
  • Mic. sensitivity: adjustable from " + " (max.) to " - " (min.)
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +45°C
  • Environmental Protection: IP40





Compatible with 
European standard
junction box

Junction box for
surface mount
50mm x 50mm
frame size fits for 
most European
standard switch




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