Wall Switch Presence Detector

71P is a wall switch type presence detector for indoor application, and is ideally to be installed in small-scaled stores or factories, offices, homes, at locations such as corridors, staircase, dining rooms, cellars, drawing rooms, bedrooms, garages, etc.


  • Concealed switch, appropriate to be fitted with European standard power box and frame and can be installed with frame covers of different height and thickness.
  • Ambient lux can be learned if the provided Lux values do not match the desired values to provides users with flexible management and wide selection
  • Superior lens pattern with well-distributed and concentrated detection beams provides high intensity and sensitivity, even a small hand waving movement can be detected.
  • Unique design with alert " Bi Bi " sound to remind user that light will be turned off afte15sec.
  • To enlarge detection zone by "Master / Slave" operation for multiple detectors in parallel control of one load, it reacts according to the values setting of master detector.
  • Replace two-way switch of staircase by OS-471P to make fully automatic operation.
  • Remote ON function by connecting with an external pushbutton to trigger the detector ON.


  • Rated Voltage  : 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Load : 
    • Incandescent Lamp: max. 2000W
    • AC Halogen Lamp:  max. 1000W
    • LV Halogen Lamp:  max. 1000VA / 600W (conventional) & max. 1000VA/900W (electronics)
    • Fluorescent Lamp: max. 900VA / 100μF 
      • 25 x (1 x 18W); 15 x (1 x 36W); 10 x (1 x 58W)
      • 12 x (2 x 18W); 7 x (2 x 36W); 5 x (2 x 58W) 
      • max. 1000VA / 600W (uncompensated)
    • LED Lamp: max. 400W
    • Energy Saving Lamp: max. 600VA / 400W (include CFL & PL lamp)     
  • Detection Angle: 200º
  • Detection Range:
    • Up to 9m at height of 1.2m – 1.5m    
    • Up to 8m at height of 1.8m – 2.0m
  • Lux Adjustment: adjustable from approx. 5Lux to and Learning (range: 5Lux ~ 1000Lux) & Slave
  • Auto Off Time Adjustment: adjustable from approx. 20sec to 30min and Test & Short impulse (1sec)
  • Meter Adjustment: adjustable from “ - ” (R=1m) to “ + “ ( R=9m)
  • Alert Sound : 
    • Last 15sec – Bi sound sends out
    • Last 10sec – Bi Bi sounds send out
    • Last 5sec – Bi Bi Bi sounds send out and lamps turns off within 5sec
  • 3 modes Slide Switch : Manual On (2 hours) / Auto / Manual Off
  • Fuse protection: Time lag fuse, rated current 10A
  • Environmental Protection: IP40
  • Operating  Temperature: 0°C to +45°C





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