Highbay presence detector for KNX home and building control system


This is a highbay mounting Presence Detector integrated PIR motion detector and light level detector, solely designed for incorporating to the KNX Home and Building Control System to be applied in lighting to achieve energy saving. 
And it is for highbay mounted up to 10m height.

  • Available in various mounting ways, e.g. surface mount and flush mount both applicable, and can be fitted into the European standard junction box. 
  • 2 channels for controlling more KNX devices simultaneously.
  • Can be programmed by IR remote control for easy and quick settings.
  • The ambient Lux value can be learned as the threshold for switching on / off the loads by IR or VR if the pre-set Lux value does not match user’s requirement.
  • The accessories junction box & power cap for optional purchase to meet different mounting requirement.
  • A red LED is equipped as an indicator for test triggering and IR setting and a green LED is for indicating ETS installation. However, the LED function can be disabled by ETS.
  • This presence detector provides multi - functions of PIR movement detector and light level detector.
  • Rated Voltage: 21 - 30VDC (supplied from KNX system or externally)
  • Standby Current:  Approx. 10mA                                           
  • Detection Range: 360°, approx. Φ16m at installation height of 10m
  • Auto Off Time Adjustment:
  • Lux Adjustment  : Adjustable from approx. 10Lux to ∞ 
  • Load On Time in Standby Mode: 3 precise adjustments:
  • Load On Illumination in Standby Mode: 3 precise adjustments
  • Operating Temperature   : -20°C to +45°C
  • Environmental Protection:
    • IP44 (For ceiling surface mounted with junction box)
    • IP40 (For ceiling flush mounted and spring clip mounted) 





Surface mountable

Flush mountable with
European standard
junction box

Flush mountable
with spring clip



Lens shield for
detection angle
Dual element sensor
to detect a small hand
waving movement
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