Highbay HF Presence Detector for Attaching to Lighting Fixture


HD-618PFi is a High Frequency (5.8GHz) presence detector for attaching to lighting fixture application. This product is used to automatically switch on or off the connected lighting depending on people’s presence or absence in the monitored area, thus it provides the benefits of convenience and efficient reduction of lighting energy consumption to save energy. Its special design of being able to be mounted up to 10 meters height and 360o viewing angle make this product be optimal for using at the places where is of high ceiling, such as the high-bay storage room, warehouse, gym, etc. 

  • For external installation with lighting fixture or junction box.
  • Use of the high frequency sensor which is more sensitive than PIR and its detection ability is not affected by temperature, airflow as well non-metallic obstructions.
  • Can be programmed by IR remote control for easy and quick settings (note: The IR remote control is strongly recommended to purchase).
  • Excepting the offered Lux values, the ambient Lux value can be learned by IR as the threshold for switching on / off the light to provide flexible application.
  • A red LED is equipped as an indicator for test triggering and IR setting. 
  • Rated Voltage: 220 - 240V~  50 / 60Hz 
  • Load: for lighting:
    • Incandescent Lamp: Max. 1000W
    • AC Halogen Lamp: Max. 500W
    • LV Halogen Lamp: Max. 200W
    • Fluorescent Lamp:
      • Max. 200W (electronic)
      • 2 x (1 x 58W); 4 x (1 x 36W);
      • 8 x (1 x 18W); 1 x (2 x 58W);
      • 2 x (2 x 36W); 4 x (2 x 18W)
      • Max. 160W / 20µF (compensated)
    • LED Lamp: Max. 200W
    • Energy Saving Lamp: Max. 150W (include CFL and PL lamp)
  • Detection Range: 360° circular, up to Φ10m at height of 10m (at 25°C) 2.5m-10m mountable
  • Lux Adjustment  : Adjustable from approx. 5Lux to    “∞”
  • Auto Off Time Adjustment: Adjustable from approx. 5sec to 30min and test
  • High Frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Environmental Protection: IP44




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