Three-Channel Receiver


RX-353 is a three-channel receiver for indoor use, which can be used in wireless control of any connected load devices applicable in house, office, small-scale store, etc.

  • Three individual channels can control three different loads of lamps or motors simultaneously.
  • Each channel of RX-353 can teach-in max.10 different ID codes, and controlled by different transmitters.
  • The teach-in channel of the receiver with the connected load can execute alert function by quick flashing lighting to cause people's attention after receiving a PANIC signal from the combined transmitter.
  • The corresponding channel of the receiver with the connected load can execute the corresponding lighting scene mode function after receiving the signal of lighting scene mode from the combined transmitter.
  • Receiver works on radio wave band of 868MHz and the reception range can reach up to 100m in open air. It provides interference-free with well stability.
  • Three red LEDs are designed as indicators to specify signal reception, each connected load's ON / OFF and code learning / deleting respectively.
  • Free installation for wall and ceiling mount.
  • Rated Voltage: 230V~±10% 50 / 60Hz
  • Load: Light Control: max. 5A for each channel (cosφ=1)
    •        Incandescent Lamp: Max. 1000W
    •        AC Halogen Lamp: Max. 500W
    •        LV Halogen Lamp: Max. 250VA /150W 
    •        Fluorescent Lamp: Max. 300VA / 200W (uncompensated)
    •        Energy saving lamp: Max. 250VA / 150W (include CFL and PL lamps)
  • ReceptionRange: Approx. 100m (in open air)
  • Radio Frequency: 868MHz
  • Channel: Channel: 3 channels
  • Learning Code Memory: Max.10 sets per channel
  • Operating Temperature: 0℃ to +50℃
  • Environmental Protection: ClassⅡ, IP20



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