3-Channel Transmitter


TX-80A is a 3-channel built-in mini transmitter with a variety of wiring solutions applicable for different devices such as external switch, push button etc, for advancing the connected devices being a wireless transmitter conveniently. It can be widely applied in living room, garage, offices and building, etc.

  • Compact size, built-in design with 12mm thickness, completely free installed on the wall by the existing junction box and it is suitable to be combined with various types of existing hardwired push buttons and external switches.
  • Transmitter works on band of 868MHz, and the transmission range can reach 100m in open air. It provides interference-free with well stability.
  • A red LED is designed as an indicator to specify signal transmission for clear operation.
  • Max. 10 sec transmission time for the purpose of saving battery power.
  • Each transmitter can control countless receivers.
  • No more multifarious wiring, the existing appliances can be upgraded for wireless control by easy installation of TX-80A and the combined receiver.
  • Three different codes provided in one unit enables it to control three groups of receivers simultaneously that can meet user's demand for multiple controls. 
  • Batterytype: 3VDC (CR2032 Battery)
  • TransmissionRange: Approx. 100m (in open air)
  • Radio Frequency: 868MHz
  • Code: Learning code
  • Indicator: Red LED
  • Operating Temperature: 0℃ to +50℃
  • Environmental Protection: IP40



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