High Frequency Sensor Module (High & Low Outputs Control)


  • Dual outputs: the high output is activated by movement detection; the low output is activated by ambient lux at standby condition being an orientation (night) light to give safety in dark environment.
  • High sensitivity for detecting the slightest movement.
  • Sensitivity will not be changed no matter the movement is across or towards to the sensor.
  • Powerful circuit design to control all kinds of lamps.
  • A light detecting sensor is built-in for setting the desired light level to switch on the controlled lighting automatically at the right timing to maximize energy savings and save more of your electricity expense.
  • Manual override function for switching light on for 4 hours continuously.
  • Manual ON, OFF by using external N.C. push button or rocker switch.
  • Rated Voltage: 230V~±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Load: Load (Detection):
    • Incandescent Lamp: Max. 600W
    • AC Halogen Lamp: Max. 400W
    • LV Halogen Lamp: Max. 200W
    • Fluorescent Lamp: Max. 150W (uncompensated)
    • LED Lamp : Max. 150W Energy Saving Lamp: Max. 120W (include CFL and PL lamp)
  • Load (Standby), as an orientation (night) light:
    • Max. 50W for incandescent lamp or LED lamp or energy saving lamp
      (can be parallel connection of several lamps in small watt)
  • Detection Range: Approx. Φ10m                                    
  • Auto Off Time Adjustment: Adjustable from approx. 5 sec to 30 min & Test
  • Meter Adjustment: Adjustable from “-” (approx. Φ2m) to “+”  (approx. Φ10m)
  • Lux Adjustment: Adjustable from approx. 5Lux to ∞
  • High Frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +70°C
  • Environmental Protection: IP20





User-friendly and
adjustable Time,
Meter, Lux knobs for
user’s flexible and easy

Metal shield design
for adjusting the
detection pattern
(Optional purchase)

Built in the lighting
fixture for invisible
on / off switching control 




Compactly tiny size

High frequency 
sensor is sensitive
to small movement





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