Dual-Technology Presence Detector


UT-965i series products utilize the ultrasonic sensor working based on the “ Doppler Effect “ principle to detect people’s movement. Unlike the PIR (passive infrared) movement detector, the performance of ultrasonic sensor is seldom affected by temperature & humidity.  In addition, ultrasonic sensor is a volumetric sensor which is able to detect the occupant even there is an obstruction between them, and it is able to detect small motion (i.e. typing, writing) due to its high sensitivity.
  • The detector head can be adjusted 30° vertically and 350° horizontally for user to adjust detection angle freely.
  • High performance relay is built-in for controlling all kinds of lamps.
  • Considerate air current compensation function is provided to reduce the false triggering due to interruption of airflow.
  • The IR remote control is available for quick and convenient setting (Note: The IR remote control is for optional purchase)
  • RJ-12 plug and socket is used for easy and quick connection of detector’s head and its power box.
  • Spring clamp and hinged power box covers are designed for fast and convenient installation.
  • Applications: open plan office, multi-stall restroom, conference room, break / lunch room, storage room, etc.
  • Rated Voltage : 230V~±10% 50 / 60Hz  
  • Load:
    • UT-965i:
      • Load Ⅰ for lighting 
        • Incandescent Lamp : Max. 2000W
        • AC Halogen Lamp : Max. 1000W
        • LV Halogen Lamp : Max. 1000VA / 600W
        • Fluorescent Lamp : Max. 900VA / 100µF
          • 25 x (1 x 18W); 12 x (2 x 18W)
          • 15 x (1 x 36W); 7 x (2 x 36W)
          • 10 x (1 x 58W); 5 x (2 x 58W)
          • Max. 1000VA / 600W(uncompensated)
        • LED Lamp : Max. 500VA / 400W
        • Energy Saving Lamp: Max. 600VA / 400W (include CFL and PL lamp)
      • LoadⅡ (D1-D2) for HVAC (Lux is invalid)
        • Max. 5A (cosφ=1) for 250VAC
        • Max. 5A for 30VDC
        • Max. 2A (cosφ=0.4) for 250VAC
    • UT-965Ai:
      • Incandescent Lamp : Max. 2000W
      • AC Halogen Lamp: Max. 1000W
      • LV Halogen Lamp: Max. 1000VA / 600W
      • Fluorescent Lamp:
        • Max. 900VA / 100µF
        • 25 x (1 x 18W); 12 x (2 x 18W)
        • 15 x (1 x 36W); 7 x (2 x 36W)
        • 10 x (1 x 58W); 5 x (2 x 58W)
        • 1000VA / 600 (uncompensated)
      • LED Lamp: Max. 500VA / 400W
      • Energy Saving Lamp: Max. 600VA / 400W (include CFL and PL lamp)
  • Detection Angle: 360°
  • Detection Range (H=2.5m): Adjustable from approx. 2m x 3m ( - ) to approx. 7m x 8m (+) , it’s an oval shape.      
  • Auto Off Time Adjustment:
    • Time1 (for lighting) -- adjustable from approx. 5sec to 30min & short impulse (1sec)
    • Time2 (for HVAC) -- adjustable from approx. 10sec to 60min
  • Lux Adjustment: Adjustable from approx. 10 Lux to 1000 Lux
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Frequency: 32KHz
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +45°C
  • Environmental Protection: Class II, IP20 



User-friendly Time,
Meter & Lux

Fully adjustable
detector head

Two hinged power
box covers for fast
and convenient




Sensor and power
box connected by
the RJ-12 quick
connector for easy
and quick wire

Only 18mm thickness
protruded from the
ceiling to blend into
building’s decor. IR
remote control for
easy and convenient
settings on detector
(optional purchase)
Able to detect small
movement and
more sensitive for
the movement
towards to it



Detector head

Power Box



Top view

Side view
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