Dual Technology Presence Detector


UT-963 wall switch integrates passive infrared (PIR) sensor and ultrasonic sensor (US) technologies in it and takes advantage
of the best features of both sensors which PIR sensor is less affected by noise signal as well as airflow.
Ultrasonic sensor is of high sensitivity to ably detect small movement. The ultrasonic sensor doesn’t require an unobstructed
line-of-sight view between sensor and occupant, and dual technology detector can provide reliable performance to
minimize risk of false trigger.

  • Both PIR and ultrasonic sensors are integrated in the detector to minimize the risk of false trigger effectively and can strengthen the detection reliability.
  • High performance relay is built-in for controlling all kinds of lamps.
  • Versatile triggering methods, either only one technology (PIR or US) or both technologies (PIR and US) can be chosen for user’s flexible utilization. 
  • Considerate air current compensation function is provided to reduce the false triggering due to interruption of air flow.
  • Three operation modes ON / AUTO / OFF are available for user’s free and convenient application.
  • Fully compatible with the switch frame in dimensions of 56mm x 56mm.
  • Applications: staircase, corridor, small office, small conference room, individual restroom, storage room, etc.
  • Rated Voltage: 230V~±10%, 50/60Hz 
  • Load : For lighting control
    • Incandescent Lamp: Max. 2000W
    • AC Halogen Lamp: Max. 1000W
    • LV Halogen Lamp: Max. 1000VA / 600W
    • Fluorescent Lamp: Max. 900VA / 100µF
      • 25 x (1 x 18W) ; 12 x (2 x 18W)
      • 15 x (1 x 36W) ; 7 x (2 x 36W)
      • 10 x (1 x 58W) ; 5 x (2 x 58W)
      • Max. 1000VA / 600W (uncompensated)
    • LED Lamp: Max. 500VA / 400W
    • Energy Saving Lamp: Max. 600VA / 400W (include CFL and PL lamp)
  • Detection Angle: 180°
  • Detection Range(H=1.2m)
    • PIR adjustable up to 8m forward & 4m each sideward (UT-963 only)
    • US adjustable up to 8m x 8m, it’s anoval shape
  • Auto Off Time Adjustment: Adjustable from approx. 5sec to 30min, Test & short impulse (1sec)
  • Adjustment: Adjustable from approx. 10 Lux to (∞) and learning range: 10 Lux - 1000 Lux
  • Triggering Methods(UT-963 only): PIR+US, US, PIR, PIR / US
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Frequency: 32KHz
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +45°C
  • Environmental Protection: Class II, IP20





Wall flush mount with
European standard
junction box

Unique hook
conjunction design of
detector parts and
power box makes
installation easy and fast

Junction box JB-40
for surface mount
(optional purchase)




Three operation
modes OFF / AUTO
/ ON are available
for user’s free and
convenient application

User - friendly
adjustable Meter, Time,
Triggering method & Lux
knobs for user’s flexible
and easy adjustment

Ultrasonic sensor is
able to detect small
movement and is
more sensitive for
the movement
towards to it


UT-963 (Dual Technology) / UT-963A (Ultrasonic only)


JB-40 Junction box for surface mount (optional purchase)



UT-963 (Dual Technology)

UT-963A (Ultrasonic only)

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