Introduction ofDALI Sensor

What is DALI?
  • DALI is the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. It enables easy and intelligent management of lighting equipment. The DALI protocol is managed under the internationally recognised IEC standard 62386 and is now promoted by the DiiA.
  • The Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) was established in response to industry requests for an independently-verified certification program that covers the functionality specified in the latest version of the IEC 62386 family of standards. Certified DALI products will be eligible to carry the Certification Mark, issued by DiiA. The main aim of DiiA is to grow the market for lighting-control solutions based on the international standard for DALI technology.                                                                          For more information at
  • Aurex has been an associate member of DiiA since May, 2017.
Advantages of DALI Lighting System Control:
  • Simple wiring of control lines (no formation, no polarity)
  • Control of individual devices (individual addressing) or Groups (group addressing) is possible
  • A simultaneous control of all devices is possible through broadcast addressing max. (64 devices)
    per subnet (Hub/Routers) can be controlled
  • Max. 300m cabling & 250mA device power consumption
  • DALI can be applied either in small space or in a large building with subnets as a cost effective intelligent lighting
    management solution for energy saving
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